Hot vibrations, lubricants and massage oils for better pleasure

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Temperature and pleasure are closely linked. Temperature affects how our bodies feel touch, pressure, and pain; all of which is related to the way you feel pleasure. And the clitoris, bulb and vagina are particularly sensitive to temperature. As the temperature increases, more blood is shed, and more and more is ignited. With this process we can help by adding a little warmth. With a heated vibrator, heating lubricant, or melting massage, a slight increase in temperature can increase the pleasure.

Heated Vibrators

Vibration with warmth can enhance sensual pleasure.

Excellent G-Spot Vibrator

We’ve designed a new ultra-hot G-spot heater to maximize pleasure as we explore your G-spot, the erogenous zone near the root of your clitoris. The G-spot is stimulated from the inside, usually by applying a constant caressing pressure after it has already ignited. And our vibration is bent at a perfect angle to explore the environment, with a high-density silicone tip that gives the tip ends an ultraplush feel. The self-warming function gently heats the vibration above body temperature, which promotes blood flow, ideal for sexual well-being. The ten vibration modes provide a variety of sensations, ranging from a gentle whirl to a lively whisper, with pleasant combinations in between.

  1. goop Heat Heating Ultraplush G-Spot Vibrator

    goop Wellness
    G-Spot Vibrator

    goop, $ 89


Sexual Fitness

The tabbed vibrator has a soft silicone cover with an elegant design. Pressing the button heats it to ninety-seven degrees Fahrenheit, which encourages local blood flow. It is intended to be used within a fitness routine to help maintain healthy sexual function. The vibrator goes perfectly with Kit’s water-based lubricant made from aloe leaf, peony root, passion flower and hyaluronic acid. (This lubrication can be safely used with latex and polyisoprene condoms.)

  1. Taboo THE KIT

    goop, $ 135


Heating Lubes

Do you want to warm things up even more? Enjoy your heated vibration with a warm lubricant.


Pulse Warmer gently heats up your lubricant for a pleasant feeling. It is designed to pair with pulse pulses, for example H2Oh! Personal lubricant and Spoil Me Massage Oil Pulse Pods. It comes with four H2Ohs! lekak. Just put one of the pods in the heater, press the button and after a minute, keep your fingers under the dispenser; it provides a warm lubricant without touch. There is no slippery bottle of lubricant. Bonus: the heater switches off automatically one hour after the last use.

  1. Pulse Pulse Heating

    Pulse Heating
    goop, $ 199


Fill it out again

When you’re ready to recover, there’s a six-ounce refill package. H2Oh! the lubricant is water-based and is made with organic chia seed extract; it moisturizes and glides well without sticky residue. It is made without parabens or added odor, and is compatible with all types of sex toys (including silicone), as well as latex and polyisoprene condoms. You can get the cube from the manuals, but when you insert one into the Pulse Warmer, it pulls out a warm, completely fragmented number into your fingers, ready to use.

  1. Pulse H2Oh!  Personal Lubricant (6 Pack Again)

    H2Oh! Personal Lubricant (6 Pack Again)
    goop, $ 30


Melting Massage

While you’re at it, give your whole body a warming love.

Just skating

This silky and gentle massage oil is beautiful on its own. But it is better to warm it up slowly Pulse Heating. Plant-based oil blends – safflower, sunflower, grape seeds and jojoba – have an adequate amount of slip and do not penetrate the skin too quickly.

  1. Pulse Spoil Me Massage Oil Pulse Pod

    Spoil Me Massage Oil Pulse Pod
    goop, $ 30


Double the pleasure

Light this candle and mix argan oil, coconut oil and shea butter (just a few degrees above body temperature) to get a warm, soothing massage oil that feels like skin in a nourishing oil that can be poured directly into your skin. nourished and very smooth.

  1. Seed To Skin Massage Candle

    Skin seed
    Massage Candle
    goop, $ 65


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