Introducing Keyboard K14 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard On Kickstarter

When it comes to mobile devices, wireless communication is something of a rarity. Most of the reinforced boards are wired, and for the most part, the community is good. However, if wireless connectivity is a must -have for you, then you might be excited to learn that Keychron has launched a new piano on Kickstarter.

This comes in the form of the Keychron K14, which is 70% larger piano. For those unfamiliar, the 70% real key form removes the numpad from the keyboard as well as some additional keystrokes, but for the most part it will keep key keys such as the work line, control , and alphabets and numbers.

The K14 will feature Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to up to three devices. It’s also heat-swappable which means you can easily pull it out of the switch and put it in new without solder or damage.

The K14 is also priced at a cheaper price as the $ 49 quick -make bird will get you a non -hotswappable model, but the $ 69 will give you the hotswappable for example. It’s a nice board but if you need something more on the desire level, then it’s probably more expensive Keychron Q1 you can enjoy it.

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