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Lately we’ve noticed some amazing polite stories in the comments and we thought we should share them as soon as possible. Here are 15 reader comments …

About Healing Help:

“I can’t do anything to return the kindness of the hospital chaplain because he helped my grandmother when COVID was dying. She was able to video chat with all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She passed away the next day, and those two hours spent with her are the most precious of my life.” . – A.

“I was hit by a car as I was crossing a crossroads. I called my dear friend to let them know I needed help. He came to my house with clean flannel sheets. He prepared my bed, put me in, we went with our son to our favorite restaurant and he brought dinner. He came again and again while I was healing. It’s been 13 years and I still sleep in those flannel sheets every winter. “- Tricia

“Last year, my father had a psychiatric fracture. My mom and I were in the hospital with him, and he didn’t know who I was. A doctor and student nurse came to assess and, in tears, said, ‘This woman says she’s my daughter, but I don’t have a daughter! “That got me, and I started to scratch. The nurse walked around my father’s bed and was silent rubbing his back. That simple human touch meant the world to me. I often think about it.” – Sally

When passing:

“The day after my husband and I got married at the town hall, we were treated for nosebleeds. We started a conversation with the couple sitting behind us, and they told us they had been married for 20 years. Towards the end of the match, they both gave us a $ 20 bill they signed, wishing us a long and happy wedding. We hung their bill on the wall of our apartment and we plan to keep it until we turn 20, until we give it to another young couple who have just started. ”- Anne

“When I was 15, I flew to Paris only to see family friends. I was nervous about getting to their house on my own – these were the days of international mobile phone! The man sitting next to me on the plane helped me pack my bags, went to a taxi and gave me the correct address. I didn’t know how to thank him, but he told me that someone had helped him on his first trip abroad. Now, I always look for lost people at airports. ” Nicole

Sweetness with puppies:

“As I was walking down a crowded street in London a young man approached me, chatting on the phone and walking away with a whippet. A police siren rang from a distance and without losing a heartbeat the phone went into his shoulder and he bent down until the dog’s ears were gently covered. Instinctively it was a nice gesture, it blew my heart out. ” – Maria

“When my grandfather visited us, he would bring his dog but every time we went out he had to leave the dog at home. He felt bad for leaving her alone, so he always said before he left, ‘Don’t worry, Grandpa will go to church and come back right away’. But we would never go to church! We used to go to restaurants or the beach. We think his reasoning was that if the dog “thought” he was going to church, he would be forgiven for leaving him alone. ” Thami

With the kindness of strangers:

“My first child had a tremendous reflux. At the airport, before his first flight, he immediately threw me out. The most fascinating woman came silently, took the burp scarf and wiped me clean, leaving me smiling. I will never forget his kindness when I felt so overwhelmed. ” Monica

“I was leaning into the Target school material section, telling notebooks to my students. Suddenly, I heard the hoarse voice of a teenage boy whispering to a porter in his hand: ‘This is Brent in corridor 17. I see a teacher buying school supplies. Would we be able to offer a teacher discount that ended last week? Okay, copy it. ‘ He then approached me to inform me of the teacher’s discount. He stated that his mother was a teacher, so he wanted to get the best treatment, and he called me personally. ” – Stacy

In sweet words for mothers:

“When I was pregnant, we lived in Brooklyn and we used to go to a neighborhood bagel shop that was famous for the men behind the table. I was impatient and rude. the principal – who was usually the man – handed me my bagel and said, “Here you are, miss. I did it with love, because I see you’re eating for two people.” – Erin

“I felt pregnant and miserable when I was at work for eight months. A regular customer came in and said, “I know you probably don’t feel like it, but you’re beautiful to carry your baby.” I was also growing my fears and another regular – who had his own enviable dreadlocks – told me that he could see my baby in my hair because he had grown so much. ”- Tiffani

“I lived in Europe working as an au pair and came home to California at Christmas. When my mother returned me to the airport after the holidays, we had a long hug. He left us alone for a while as the security guard in charge of keeping people moving from the site left, then he finally came and said in a voice so kind and gentle, “You have to leave him, mother.” That happened almost 15 years ago, and my mother and I say goodbye to each other when we have trouble saying goodbye. ” Shannon

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