The new Defiant X helicopter can fly at twice the speed of the Black Hawks

With high-profile aircraft like the Black Hawk, Apache and Chinook in their cat, one would think that the US military has nothing to worry about. But military suppliers Boeing and Lockheed Martin have been preparing for decades to come and have teamed up. deploy Defiant X.

Its development for the US Army The future program for long-range attack aircraft (FLRAA), the Defiant team strives to fly the aircraft twice as fast as the current Black Hawks, without changing much of their footprint and making them compatible with existing infrastructure.

Equipped with a coaxial rotor system consisting of composite hard blades, the Defiant is designed to fly low but fast over difficult terrain. Using Sirkosky’s own X2 technology, the helicopter offers high maneuverability in high-threat environments and improves survival by reducing exposure to enemy fire. The team demonstrated this ability recently when it ran 247 knots flying with a jet, compared to the Black Hawks currently in use, which can reach speeds of 193 knots.

Movable support at the rear of the aircraft provides greater acceleration and deceleration, improving flight maneuverability to dominate Joint Domain Operations (JADO) in the future.

With space in the cabin for 12 combat troops or 3680 pounds (1670 kg) load, Defiant X will fit exactly into the US Army, performing tasks just like Black hawks but twice as fast. Supporting the process of high-speed transport is the retractable landing gear, designed to reduce parasitic resistance.

As a helicopter ready for the future, fly-by-wire controls will not only provide high stability and control, but will also reduce the workload of future crews as more operations become autonomous.

The Defiant team also seeks to ensure continuity in the aircraft maintenance infrastructure used by the U.S. military, as well as the personnel currently using the Black Hawks, allowing them to easily switch to next-generation aircraft.

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