The world’s first electric snowmobile is ready to ride on winter slopes

Riding a bike feels almost as free as it could when you’re on the road, and some say it can be addictive. As long as you can ride your bike almost anywhere when you’re up in the mountains or in heavy snow, things will get slippery. But new, all-electric snowmobile developed by Moonbikes, a French startup, can change that.

Nicholas Muron, an aeronautical engineer, took mainly the bus parts of an electric motorcycle, the tracks and skiboards of snowmobiles and invented a hybrid between the two vehicles, using its state-of-the-art engineering know-how. Moonbike is an easy way to navigate in a snowy environment, and for easy mobility on snow, there is rear-wheel drive and front ski board instead of wheels.

Source: Moon bikes

It can climb up to 30 degrees on slopes

Powered by a 3 kW rear-mounted hub with 125 lb-ft of torque, it can easily reach 42 km / h (26 mph) and cross snow to a depth of 30 cm. You can purchase a single or dual battery version or use the removable battery box under the seat, which can be equipped with a 2.5 kWh lithium-ion battery or a 3.2 kWh unit for extra range. Moreover, the bike can climb up to 30 degrees on maintained slopes and can actually continue to ride at temperatures of -13ºF (-25ºC).

The world's first electric snowmobile is ready to ride on winter slopes
Source: Moon bikes

While a regular snowmobile can beat the Moonbike in terms of range, the Moonbike offers a greener, greener option with your electric motor which do not emit carbon during operation. And because snowmobiles are almost always sturdy and difficult to drive, the Moonbike is an ultralight with only 176 pounds (80 kg), almost half the weight of a snowmobile.

According to to Rob Robert, Muron said: “After three years of research and development and rigorous testing in the French Alps, we are proud to launch a brand new category of vehicles driven by an innovative patented propulsion system,” the company said in a statement.

The world's first electric snowmobile is ready to ride on winter slopes
Source: Moon bikes

He also added that “Snow lovers now have a sustainable and quiet alternative without compromising speed, price or autonomy, as Moonbikes can run for up to three hours with a second battery or up to 1.5 hours with one.”

For bike lovers who want to climb the slopes for either fun or exploration, the zero-emission Moonbike is the best winter ride that is easy to use and innovative.

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