Threats Buy Bluetooth Easy To Use With Ten Nearby iPhones

Bluetooth is a wireless communication option we use very little, whether it is a combination of devices with headphones, speakers, keyboard, or mouse. Unfortunately for iPhone users, Bluetooth functionality seems to be available where it can be used to wipe nearby iPhones.

The scary thing about this use of iPhone controllers is that you don’t need to do anything to their end, which means you don’t need to click suspicious links, open emails, and so on. According to the tweet the researcher received, it looks as simple as a hacker riding around with a computer that allows Bluetooth in their backpack and wipes the iPhones around it. them.

Apple’s good news is that since the issue was announced and it seems to be rooted in iOS 15.1. However, while iOS 15.1 is still in beta, that means most everyone who isn’t in beta is easy to use. The researcher did not elaborate on how to pull the trigger, but they do appear to plan to release a confirmation message in the near future.

Some pointed out that the email Apple sent the researcher asked them to keep their details confidential until iOS 15.1 is released, which is likely in the coming weeks on October 25th, so we might wait until you see confirmation of the ideas

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