Bell 360 Invictus will be the new army reconnaissance chopper for attack

Deadly. Stable. Available. Three words used by Bell to describe its recently introduced upgraded 360 Invictus helicopter model.

Presenting 360 Invictus at the recent annual meeting and exhibition AUSA 2021 in Washington, DC, Bell revealed that the 360 ​​Invictus program is moving fast through manufacturing, assembly, component testing and system integration. It looks like the U.S. military will receive its new helicopter in the fall for future stealth reconnaissance missions.

“The Bell 360 Invictus is an exciting aircraft that integrates sophisticated digital systems into a high-speed, reliable and maintained vehicle for harsh environments around the world,” said James Gonzalez, Bell 360 Invictus Program Manager. said the Defense blog.

“The Bell 360 offers the military the opportunity to modernize, using simple and essentially reliable projects to reduce costs and provide increased efficiency for the military,” Gonzalez continued.

The helicopter has been upgraded as part of the army Future Reconnaissance Reconnaissance Program (FARA).

“We combine Bell’s unique knowledge of reconnaissance aircraft requirements with engineering and technical knowledge to give the military a weapon system that will dominate offensive reconnaissance missions for decades to come,” said Chris Geller, vice president and program director. of Bell 360 Invictus Defensive blog.

Bell 360 Invictus specifications

In terms of maneuverability, the helicopter is universal. Thanks to its articulated rotor, lift sharing wing and optimized tail rotor, the 360 ​​Invictus can easily attack or reconnaissance in any environment.

It comes clad with a 20mm cannon and an internal payload with a modular effect starter. The combination of advanced sensors and effects fired from the air increases situational awareness and increases mortality, says Bell.

The helicopter’s auxiliary power supply (SPU) allows it to have both extra horsepower to increase cruising air speed, dash speed, payload, and automatic rotation performance, as well as providing additional power to maintain The Earth.

Speaking of cruising speed, the Bell 360 Invictus will have over 180 KTAS cruising speeds. It will also have the ability to hang level 1 control at 4K / 95 degrees.

Overall, as army and defense helicopters continue to improve, similar to the recently introduced Defiant X helicopter by Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the Bell 360 Invictus will potentially revolutionize future air strikes and reconnaissance.

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