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What do you have this weekend? I’m going home from England, I was there visiting my aunt and grandmother. My suitcase is full of British candy for the boys! I can’t wait to catch up with them and catch you. We hope you enjoy it, and here are some links to the network …

Dear god this movie looks ridiculous.

Wouldn’t you like that put this on the table every night?

Pretty winter look.

New rules for dinner. “Come party like you do.” Hostess Elsa Maxwell once threw out where they were supposed to appear wearing anything they wore when they received the invitation. Write / send an email to your invitations at all hours of the night and see what your friends are up to. “

Whose hunger pasta oven?

Bronx bookstore bus. (New York Magazine)

How a missing sock changed my life(New York Times)

My kids love to play this game.

This Instagram comedian it makes the most horrible impressions of celebrities.

Questionnaire: It’s a good movie or you saw it when you were 8 years old?

Stress-free family meal plan, hahaha. (New York)

Really cool wildlife photos.

Also, two comments from the reader:

Elizabeth says 12 comments from courtesy readers: “Three years ago, I had brain surgery to cut off an aneurysm. The neurosurgeon had to cut his forehead from the middle of his forehead. When I was discharged, I waited in a wheelchair in front of the hospital for my husband to take the car. he walked away … a teenager looked straight at me and smiled at me except for one boy.When I share the story of my brain aneurysm, I always tell people about that teenager.He made me feel human again.One thing my experience has taught me is that these “little” actions that they are absolutely everything. “

Ashleigh says cautious for parents with positive sex: “I had to undo so much embarrassment, internal and external. A culture of couple cleanliness, with the twin teaching that “a woman owes her husband sex”, and things are pretty horrible. My daughter’s birth was a turning point for me, for my body, for me and for her to understand. I still have work to do, but sometimes we’ll be in the grocery store, while my little daughter shouts the word ‘vulva’ at the top of her lungs from the shopping cart, while my husband firmly asks if that was the goal. Actually, yes. I couldn’t be more proud. “

(Photo Liz Mündle.)

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