iOS 15 Easy Easy To steal your classmate

One of the features of iOS 15 is that it has now made it extremely easy for students to steal each other’s books. This is according to the funny scene on Twitter that shows one child crawling on another child’s computer, taking a picture, and then copying the text onto their device.

Share first on TikTok by French boy Yann Bernillie, this life hack is thanks to the new iOS 15 feature called Live Text. For those unfamiliar, Live Text is a feature in iOS 15 that lets you scan an image for text and lets you select it. You can copy this text as you would any normal text, paste it into the Notes program or elsewhere and save it. You can also use Live Text to translate.

We need to point out that taking photos of books in class is not new. Some students take pictures of the teacher’s books on the board because it’s easier than writing them down, but Live Text, makes it easier to take the text and combine it into a word processor so that you can edit it to make it easier for you to understand.

In addition to the new Apple iPhones offer a much longer zoom length of previous types, which means that even if you live at a distance, you may still be able to zoom in as far away as possible to live text. it will still work.

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