What to expect from VCs at the Web Summit

Web Summit, the world’s largest technology event, will once again come with some of the world’s most influential speakers of corporate venture capital.

With more than 2,000 corporations actively involved in VC, many founders are asking “Why should we consider corporate VC?”. Grit Daily’s chief executive officer, Jordan Jordan French, moderated the panel to look at traditional corporate venture capital (CVC) companies compared to traditional companies when it comes to raising funds.

Duncan McIntyre, global strategist at Delivery Hero and senior partner at DX Ventures; Anis Uzzaman, founder and CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures; and Gouzelle Ishmatova CSO at L’OREAL BOLD Ventures will support their CVC by explaining that they can add value to growing companies.

About Jordan French

Award-winning journalist and executive director of Grit Daily. Jordan He has decades of experience in the engineering, law and creative industries, having worked in organizations ranging from NASA to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

He has also created 6 successful companies, which makes him a unique insight into the world of entrepreneurship he is currently using to help others get started in their travels and succeed. to impress the dress while he was doing.

About Duncan McIntyre

After starting his career at Macquarie Bank as part of a major investment group, Duncan he is now a managing partner at DX Ventures and applies his extensive experience by investing in promising startups. After the business was internationalized, Duncan was listed as the Delivery Hero listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange a few years ago.

A constant believer in the need for innovation, DX has encouraged companies to invest globally rather than being limited to a geographic focus. By supporting startups around the world, the leading company has become a major innovation driver in a variety of industries.

About Anis Uzzaman

Founder and CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures, Anise has become a popular name in Silicon Valley. His company has more than $ 1.7 billion in management, including some of the world’s largest startups such as SpaceX, Airbnb, Doordash, 23andMe, Bird, Coinbase and Robinhood.

Computer Engineering PH.D. In addition to being a member and assistant of the Forbes Financial Council. he is also the president of the Startup World Cup, one of the largest platforms for startups looking to pursue an increasingly competitive world of entrepreneurship.

About Gouzelle Ishmatova

She has been in the world’s # 1 beauty company and passion for entrepreneurship for over 16 years, Gouzelle now the Bold Corporate Venture Fund works as a strategy director for L’Oreál.

Gouzelle’s special focus on innovation, brand strategy, and advertising, traveling and leading teams around the world sparked an entrepreneurial intelligence and a hunger for innovation from an early age. He is an MBA graduate of London Business School and has an insatiable curiosity, a combination of which has helped startups in different industries to thrive.

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