5 stylish finds that fashion will embrace this fall

It is easy to think of the fashion community as a large, monolithic one, but in reality it is a diverse mosaic of subcultures with different styles. One of those I often mention is the modern, cool girl. A broad category in itself, this is a little Y2K, spraying a coconut girl, with a hint of sensitivity in the center. You’ll find equal parts of vintage and micro-trends in their wardrobe, along with a host of emerging labels. In short, they are the crowd you need to pay attention to when you need to know which trends to keep your eyes peeled.

Fortunately, the opening takes a little more than jumping to Instagram to check out what’s being prepared on the it-girl fashion scene. After reviewing many of my favorite style accounts, it didn’t take long for several trends to emerge among clothing photos and mirror selfies. Given the popularity of all things Y2K and retro, some of them can give you a dose of nostalgia. For the full report, which reveals that cool girls will be wearing it everywhere this season, keep scrolling down.

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