Apple Music Can Head for PS5

While Apple likes to promote its own services within its own environment, the company understands that, in order to capture a wider market share, they need to appeal to a wider audience. That’s why it didn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Apple might be bringing Apple Music to the PS5.

This corresponds to posted on Reddit which made it clear that the user had given them the option to download Apple Music on their console. However, the service doesn’t seem to be working because when the user tried to download it, they got the error message saying that the app can only be used on the PS4.

Eurogamer later tried to verify this information and although they had no option to download Apple Music on their UK account, when they built a new account with the region set in the US, they found it quickly. However, they were unable to reproduce Sony’s claim that Apple is still working on reviving the live service.

The launch of the PS5 will be completely out of character for Apple. The company has already offered Apple Music on other platforms such as Android, Samsung’s Smart TVs, and Google Nest devices. However, the launch of the PS5 is likely to get Spotify a run for their money, but users think they are working hard.

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