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Great spoilers for you 3 season ahead.

The fans were eager to catch up Joe Goldberg from You season 2 is over and season 3, which is now streaming on Netflix, did not disappoint. From the murders to the marriage drama to Joe’s numerous love affairs, the third chapter of the hit Netflix series was as juicy as we had hoped, and the finale left us with the cliffer to put an end to all jumpers.

Executive producer and showrunner Sera Gamble smashes the shocking finale of season 3 with and dishes on what fans can expect if You returns for the fourth lap.


Is love really dead?

This is perhaps our biggest burning issue after watching season 3. While some viewers probably hope that Victoria Pedretti’s Love is still alive, according to showroom gamble, her fate in the finale is quite final. “The inevitable is probably a good word for that,” Gamble told “If you think about it only through Joe’s lens as a hero, his love ends in tragedy because they are not built on a foundation that will ever work. In terms of writing the story and creating the show, we knew we had a two-season story for this couple, that the turning point was when we found out what Love really was at the end of the second season.

Watching Joe and Love’s relationship develop and fall apart was certainly fun (though often painful) and just as fun to write about. “It was quite juicy. There are a lot of things between them, “says Gamble. “There are definitely times when it makes perfect sense for them to be together, but I don’t think they really had what it took to be a long-term relationship. There were definitely moments this season, especially towards the end, when we thought a lot about Love as Joe’s antagonist, but we were well aware that it was simply because we were telling the story in terms of [Joe]who is our hero. “Gamble continues, ‘Indeed, if you put them on paper, she’s not doing any worse than him. In fact, it could be the other way around … She’s committed more murders than he has.’

The fate of love may have been a shock to the audience, but the actors were actually quite prepared for it. “Penn and Victoria probably knew that.” [the season 3 finale] it would end with her death. That would probably be it, “Gamble explains. “But I’ll be honest.” There were definitely days in the writer’s room where we were like or maybe she runs away and we can play with this character later. ”

However, leaving the plot of Love open simply did not feel good. Gamble says: “In the end, I had the feeling that we really had to go there. In a way, it’s as if the character is so strong during the season that we really felt like we couldn’t half finish the finale. “

Will we see Henry again?

In a moment of complete circle, Joe abandoned his and his loving son, Henry, in the finale of season 3. The weight of his decision is felt even more deeply by viewers who know that Joe is abandoned by his own mother.

“I think the feeling that he has to do this will affect him deeply. I don’t think abandoning a child would ever go away, ”Gamble explains. “And I know there are some things in Joe’s wiring that are a little different than some other people, but not that.”

love and joe and henry in you season 3


As for whether Henry will return in later seasons, the current forces give nothing. “I can’t answer the question of what the future holds,” Gamble teased. “So far, I think he has made a pretty smart decision to leave it to parents who can raise him properly and protect him. And I could not say what the future will bring after that. “

Many characters survived season 3. Will any of them come after Joe? And will he chase Joe Marien (Tati Gabriel)?

The suburbs became an extremely dangerous place with Love and Joe in them, but a number of characters (including Sherry, Carrie, Matthew, Dante and Theo) survived the third season. “I hope it doesn’t look like we’re softening that so many people haven’t died,” Gamble joked. “Some people died and [Joe is] definitely looking for Marien at the end of the season. That is why he flew to Europe. “

As for whether any of these survivors can seek revenge, Gamble says: “First of all, all the bad things that can happen to Joe, we’re interested in research … anyone who knows what his deal is , anyone who is loose. “

More specifically, Love and Joe’s married friends, Sherry and Carrie, survived and were inspired to start a business based on their time in the scandalous cage. “As for the people he really thought might die … I think from the moment we meet them, we’re like, ‘Oh, they’re not going to survive the season,'” Gamble said. “But it became important for us to have a married couple during the season, who also went through a real crucible in their relationship, so that we could actually keep someone and say that it looks like that when it’s good. This is what it looks like when people listen to each other and really put each other’s interests at the forefront of their minds. I’ll admit that as a writing room, we really fell in love with Sherry and Carrie all the time.

sherry and curry in you season 3


But for anyone hoping Scott Speedman’s Matthew can return, that sounds unlikely at the moment. “It was one of the best days of the season when we heard he might be interested in the show at all,” Gamble said. “I’ve never received so many lyrics from friends who were excited as when his casting was announced.”

Will Joe’s mother get more screen time in the coming seasons?

A recovery in the finale revealed that Joe’s mother went on and started looking after another child after she abandoned her son. In fact, she left Joe forever, much to the chagrin of our antihero. But Joe’s maternal influence may return for future parts of the series. “It’s definitely an opportunity. We haven’t nailed a specific story, but in so many ways, when you think of Joe, all the roads lead back to her, so she’s an important presence in the story, “Gamble said. “So I think at least we’d be tempted to crash.”

Was it episode 3 in which Joe and Henry contracted measles, a deliberate commentary on the COVID-19 pandemic and the wax movement?

While there will be absolute parallels between them YouThe measles story and the current COVID-19 pandemic, the episode was actually written before the pandemic. “It’s definitely interesting to come out this season now, because this conversation is very forward today. And that happens sometimes when you’re writing a television that you have to write about a year before it comes out, where suddenly it’s very relevant in ways you couldn’t have foreseen, “Gamble tells us. “We understood this story in February 2020. So before we know there will be a pandemic in this country. Not only that, it took many months before the conversation was really about vaccines. “

She continues: “It’s not that different, it’s not really a new conversation. It’s just very sharp and very intensified at the moment. But this is a conversation that continues a lot in this country. And the possibility of a very young child being sick is just the worst thing that can happen to a parent. As for Love’s reaction to meeting a parent against wax, Gamble says, “Part of our goal was just to put Love and Joe in situations where they would really be tested and maybe inspired to knock someone over the head.” and throw him in a cage. ”

you season 3


Will there be season 4 of You?

Netflix revealed days before the premiere of season 3, of which season 4 You is a move.

And Gamble is ready before the next installment is confirmed. “The process has been like this every season so far [executive producer] Greg Berlanti and I have a lot of text and phone conversations about what would be cool for the next thing, ”she reveals. “And we have them for potential season 4, probably before we start filming season 3. He’s always so great that he invents these huge moving pieces that are really shocking and great. So we are definitely armed and ready to strike if we have to. “

Is Joe’s move to Paris permanent?

Joe’s move to Paris reminded us a little of Carrie Bradshaw’s trip to the city when. “I was listening to Emily.” [in Paris] a lot, but I like Carrie, ”says Gamble. As for whether Joe has moved to France or another country forever, Gamble explains: “I think so. If we do another season, you will see a new place.

Moving to another continent makes a lot of sense to Joe. “I speak for myself, I really like the idea of ​​it being somewhere that is very different from where it was and where it doesn’t have to fully understand all the cultures that are happening around it,” Gamble teases. “It’s just a juicy position to put it on.”

And for anyone who noticed New York’s call in the final moments of the final, Gamble told “I don’t know what Joe thinks at the moment, but I think New York is his home, more than anywhere else. and never say never, right? If we can tell the story long enough, maybe he’ll get back there someday. ”

Eventually, Joe Goldberg may have left the suburbs, but his time was fun as he continued. “The irony is that they move there because it’s such a safe environment for them and their child, but all these factors make it a bad place to kill someone because people are watching, there’s a lot of security, everyone’s talking to everyone else.” says Gamble. “So it was good because it warmed them up a little.”

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