Nothing Carl Pei can do with a new smartphone

As some of you may have heard, OnePlus support company Carl Pei left the company, and formed his own company called No. The company’s first product was the ear pair and many were curious about what the company might start with. If a report from 91mobiles is to be believed, it looks like a phone might be next on the list.

When nothing was revealed before, Pei didn’t understand what kind of product we could possibly expect from the company. Honestly, given its status as the co-founder of OnePlus, many had hoped that a new phone could be in the works, and this report certainly brings hope.

In a way that shouldn’t come as a surprise because as we said, Like found OnePlus. However, there is also a recent announcement by None that they have indicated that they have entered into a partnership with Qualcomm. With Qualcomm making a lot of smartphone chipsets, it is believed that this report could be true.

On the other hand, since Qualcomm does make chipsets for smartwatches, they may be able to work on a wearable instead. Either way, this No Phone is said to be launched in early 2022 so there’s still a reasonable amount waiting to be made.

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