The All Woman Team, Defy Trends, won the $ 120,000 Miami Competition on heels

For those who are worth reading this weekend, DeFy Trends announced that DeFi will analyze data analytics via the platform’s AI. Recently, the women’s founding team was chosen as one of the two winners of The Startup Showdown in Miami on September 30th. At the same time, they got a $ 120,000 investment from Panoramic Ventures, which was also a competition judge. They selected the best company from among the 200 talented applicants for the competition. The platform also includes support for investors in making better decisions and an impact on the environment.

In 2020, only 2.3% of VC funding went to women-led startups. In the first 8 months of 2021, that’s the number Only 2.1%. As women enter the world of startups and technology, the push for equality increases. DeFy Trends is a crypto education and knowledge portal created by four women: Imge Su Cetin, Elena Garidis, Masha Prusso and Daniela Henao Moreno. By providing tools, a network, and educational information about cryptography, Defy Trends is providing a comprehensive solution for learning how the crypto market works.

DeFy Trends was created to act as a support tool for new and experienced cryptography traders during their investment journey in a new market for many. DeFy Trends provides reliable information to help any investor make well-informed decisions based on statistics and trends. The company has caught up with new crypto traders and when it comes to contacting unpredictable markets, which is why they are here to help.

“DeFi is a new industry, so so far there has been no need for data analysis,” said Imge Su Cetin, founder and CEO. help drive everyone in the right direction. “

Its first product uses data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide customers with real-time information about the opportunities and risks associated with various cryptocurrencies. Although the product is in the early stages of development, Henao Moreno stated that the team intends to achieve hybrid B2B and B2C strategies.

The idea is that businesses, such as banks, will pay to access the startup API so that it can be integrated into existing systems, and that consumers will pay for a special Defy Trends platform for personal investments.

The capabilities of the tool are as diverse as the elements that affect bitcoin markets. Each platform subscription package provides users with a unique set of indicators that can be tailored to their business needs and customized to their personal control.

For example, the company has developed the Defy Trends Index, classifies coins, and helps traders determine the underestimated and overvalued. Artificial intelligence technology analyzes historical data to predict future models. Another tool is tracking social sentiment by providing users with a better picture of what the HODL community is saying right now.

Defy Trends has also created a sustainability index that shows the impact each coin has on the environment. In addition to many environmental investors being concerned about the environment, the environmental impact affects the public status of a new project, which makes the environmental impact data a strategic and ethical approach.

Real-time statistics can tell the difference between profit and loss infrastructure industry where it is easy to deviate. The company plans to expand next year, and is likely to attract the attention of both the retail and corporate investment communities.

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