Dirty discussion, but keep it clean

You can always count on Goop to talk a bit dirty: “We’re good at encouraging uncomfortable conversations,” GP says. “And we like to have a little fun.” This week, on Netflix, we’ll be promoting sex conversation more than ever; while another uncomfortable conversation makes us happy to have centers around pure beauty. Stubbornness in clean ingredients is especially important when it comes to the lips, as it has been shown that we consume everything we put on the lips and that the skin also absorbs a part of it.

So we made a wonderful clean lip balm, which immediately became a goop bestseller. Now, we’ve added clean pigments to this specific formula to get two super flattering and perfect lip dyes that work for every skin tone. “Lip colors are my favorite way to dress my lip color,” says GP. “There are times when you need full capitalL lipstick, but for me those times are thankfully few. I love the little color that brightens your whole face. Often, one of those two new shades — garnet is a little deeper and pink a little more neutral — is the only makeup I wear all day. ”

As well as being as powerful and moisturizing as OG Balm, the trio (you get two full-size tinted shades, you get light full-size original, so there’s also some nice savings) makes a tremendous gift. “I love gifts!” dio GPk. “Gifts are my language of love, both giving and receiving.” In a box with pale pink stars, the lips need almost no wrapping (although it serves to break a set and give each balm as a sock dispenser). “I give the set to so many people on my list,” he says. “It’s the perfect combination of thoughtful, amazing, personal and very useful, and the tones look good for literally everyone.”

All three are also incredible on your lips: smooth, moisturizing and nourishing, with the most creamy slippery finish, the smoothest finish, a subtle scent and just a hint of flavor. “Your senses are connected to what you put on your lips,” says the GP. “Getting the original right was the hardest part: it took us three years. Putting on a beautiful color was definitely fun.”


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