SWFT raises $ 10 million in seed funding to dominate E-mobility

The American electronic mobility startup SWFT has risen $ 10 million in seed financing to revolutionize the use of electric vehicles in today’s world.

Strategic Angel Investor, Martin Lauber, 19 York’s senior partner; Mark Joseph, CEO of Mobitas Advisors and former CEO of Transdev; and David Zwick, CEO of RedCap Technologies, took part in the round. Mark Joseph mentioned that he took part in the round by saying:

“I am pleased to help the SWFT team achieve spectacular growth. We know that consumers are increasingly looking for alternative means of transport, such as e-bikes, as a fast and efficient way to travel, and that there is no more experienced or equipped group to enter the market than this. ”

SWFT 2020 was founded by David Liniado at On Spec, a company focused on developing brands that disrupt different industries, with the mission of creating a more sustainable and efficient mode of transport. Starting with electric motors and floating electric vehicles with low-speed vehicles, the startup aims to become a major player in the transportation industry by 2022. Liniado, who is also the CEO of SWFT, said of the startup’s recent success:

“Personal electronic mobility is a generational change and we are proud to enter the SWFT market. We created SWFT not only to change how people move, but also to change how they feel about movement. Over the past eighteen months, we have built and developed our products alongside some of the best business intelligence. As well as making our products safe and enjoyable, we are delighted with the community we are empowering and keeping active in the movement. “

Since environmentally friendly transportation methods are becoming increasingly unimportant among the younger generation, SWFT believes that electronic mobility can go beyond scooters and e-bikes. By offering a new catalog of electric vehicles, the startup can help revolutionize how it transports people around the world the environment he really needs it.

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