The 10 Best TVs We Tested: Cheap, 4K, 8K, OLED, and Tips (2021)

saving for new screen? To help you navigate the dozens of seemingly identical TV models from Samsung, LG, Vizio, TCL, Sony, and other manufacturers, we’ve seen hundreds of hours of content on them and picked a few of our favorites. We’ve listed everything from the best budget TV to the best set you can buy – and a few excellent options in between.

Each TV we connect to is 55 inches in size, unless otherwise named. Larger and smaller sizes are often available at the retailer’s website, but this size is very good for most living rooms. All of these models have 4K Ultra HD pixels (and some even have 8K), because there aren’t many good reasons to buy a standard HDTV anymore.

We also think that you should Invest in good speakers And TV broadcast stick. TVs now come with great displays, but they’re bad at sound and running apps. Be sure to check out many others Buying guides.

Updated October 2021: We’ve added Samsung QN90A, Hisense U8G, LG C1 OLED and Sony A90J. she was there Moderate price fluctuations due to the international shortage of chips. We’ve updated the links and prices, but they may fluctuate more than usual.

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