30 cosmetic products that are sworn in the fall

I would start this article with the usual topic the number of products I test and research as a cosmetic director. I know, I know – you’ve heard it all. But I don’t know if you realize how often these test escapades happen. Tuesday is 4:33 a.m. And before I sat down to write this article, I rubbed my face with that of Chantecale Gold recovery mask ($ 275) in the hope that I would be able to write my entire intro before I had to take off the mask in 15 minutes. Keep in mind that today I have already tested eyebrow gel, lip scrub and face oil and the day is still young.

My conclusion is that product testing is something all day, everyday, so I have the feeling that I have more idea than the average person in terms of what is exciting, trendy and interesting in the world of beauty. That’s why I wanted to round the 30s products I am most excited about this fall, and although I have not tried every single item on this list, I have done my research and I can confirm that they are all worth the noise. Check out my beauty photos below, from face oil with honey to a temporary tightening eye to the best air dry cream. I promise that there is something to excite each of you during the coming cold months.

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