China is testing a secret hypersonic rocket with expanded space capabilities

China is believed to have tested a hypersonic missile in August, demonstrating its space capabilities and new technologies, as well as surprising US intelligence. Financial Times (FT) reported.

The rocket in question is believed to have been fired by the Chinese army with a Long March missile, orbits the Earth in a low orbit before heading for its target, which it missed by approximately 24 miles (38 km).

Nevertheless, the test was sufficient to demonstrate “an advanced space capability that surprised American intelligence, ”of FT report. He also showed how advanced Chinese hypersonic weapon technology is.

China has not yet issued an official launch statement, but FT according to the report, anonymous sources have direct knowledge of the launch in August.

The world and hypersonic missiles

China is not the only country to advance its hypersonic missile technology.

Earlier this month, Russia claims has successfully launched a hypersonic missile from a submarine. Just a few weeks earlier, The United States has successfully tested its hypersonic cruise missile, and North Korea claims to conduct its first hypersonic missile test in September.

As these powerful nations make progress in hypersonic missiles, it’s no surprise that China is joining the race.

In 2019, China has already demonstrated its advanced weapons, which include the DF-17 hypersonic missile, reported Reuters. Since then, he has worked hard to bring the technology literally from the ground, as well as to develop protection systems against hypersonic missiles, on Al Jazeera.

Hypersonic missiles, like ballistic missiles, can fly at speeds more than five times faster than sound and deliver nuclear weapons. But unlike ballistic missiles, which fly high in space and retreat back in an arc, hypersonic missiles fly on lower trajectories and are more maneuverable, making them a difficult target to track and protect.

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