The Women of Hollywood in 2021 at ELLE

There have been times in the last 20 months when we have the feeling that we will never be able to enter a cinema safely again. Near the start of the pandemic, Hollywood stars, like all non-essential workers, were abandoned, left to cheer on health workers and consider their own goal in a changed world. Some jumped into action, protesting police brutality or occupying front-line activists’ platforms. And then slowly, with the COVID protocols introduced, filming began again.

SHEThe Hollywood Women’s Awards in 2021 are the definition of sustainable: They direct trauma to art (Jennifer Hudson) and speak the truth of power (Jody Comer). They are overcoming barriers, from Rita Moreno, the first Latin American to win an Oscar (for Best Supporting Actress), to Halle Berry, the first (and still the only) black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress, to Lauren Ridloff, who, I like her Eternal Macari’s character is deaf, for the first time in Marvel movies. Ridloff’s bonfires are tireless defenders of refugees (Angelina Jolie) and survivors of domestic violence (Salma Hayek) and have spoken out against AAPI (Gemma Chan) violence.

In the same way, while Gal Gadot’s art thief Red notice not a superhero, off screen, she boldly opposed the bullying on stage, defending her colleagues in the process: “My sense of justice is very strong,” she says. Meanwhile, Berry, who directed and starred in the mixed martial arts film this month Bruiseshe is used to “fighting for his right to be,” she says. “I am thankful that I am still here and part of this awakening. Because I really feel inspired by what’s happening now. ”

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