Your ISP may collect much more data than you think

A new report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) discloses this Internet Service Providers (ISPs) collect and share much more data about their customers than many users might think according to a press release. This includes access to all their internet traffic and real-time location data.

The report also found that ISPS did not offer users a meaningful choice as to how this data could be used. The report examines six ISPs that make up about 98% of the mobile Internet market, including AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile.

“As noted in the report, these companies have become technology giants that not only offer Internet services but also provide a number of other services, including voice, content, smart devices, advertising and analysis – which has increased the amount of information they provide. they are able to gather information about their customers, “the FTC said in a statement.

The report identifies several on data collection practices among several ISPs, including that “they combine data into product lines; combine personal data, application usage data, and web browsing for ad targeting; place users in sensitive categories, such as race and sexual orientation, and share real-time location data with third parties. “

The report also found that although some ISPs promised not to sell users’ personal data, they allowed it to be used, transferred and monetized by others. They also hid revelations about such practices in the fine print of their privacy policies.

It has been established that the shared real-time location data of subscribers is shared with third-party customers, such as “car dealers, property managers, warranty guarantees, bounty hunters and others”.

Finally, the report reveals that although ISPs claim to offer users a choice of how to use their data, they actually make it difficult for users to make that choice and that they keep the data in the archive much longer than expected.

The reports emphasize how insecure we are online and why greater ISP monitoring is needed.

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