Sony has quietly solved the PS5’s CMOS battery issue

Earlier this year, an issue was raised with Sony PS4 and PS5 consoles in which it was discovered that if the console’s CMOS battery dies, gamers. they will no longer be able to play their games. This is because the battery effectively controls the clock in the console which is also used to check the ownership of a game.

If the stone dies, it will not be possible to determine if the player owns the game and this will prevent them from playing. While these batteries last a long time, it’s even more annoying that a battery only costs a few dollars to dictate or you can play games on a console you paid for and games you may have spent a hundred.

However, it seems that Sony quietly tweaked the issue for the PS4 and PS5, which in a video by Hikikomori Media, he tested and found that even if the CMOS battery was removed, it would still work. by players to play theirs. games. There is a small exception and it will not work for PlayStation Plus games.

This is appropriate because for PS Plus games, especially for players who do not own these games because the license is only valid for the duration of the registration. Since the fans can’t go online to justify their contributions, it prevents them from playing. However, other than that, math games and physical games don’t seem to matter.

So far we haven’t heard many reports (if any) of CMOS batteries dying on the PS4 or PS5, although this isn’t a big deal, it has potential to blow, so that’s a good thing Sony mentioned.

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