Will he get the sequel “The Harder They Fall”?

This story contains spoilers.

The harder they fall delivers some serious shooting a weapon, a heartbreaking action, but in the end the dust is not as sedimentary as we think it is.

The epic western, led by James Samuel, focuses on two rival bands led by Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) and Nat Love (Jonathan Majers). The first, a scandalous robber, fights bandits like Gertrude “The Insidious Trudy” Smith (Regina King) and Cherokee Bill (Lakeit Stanfield), while the second fights with a crew including salon owner Stagecoach Mary (Zazi Beitz) and Sheriff Bass Reeves Del Lindo). Nat is on a long-running revenge mission to overthrow Rufus, who brutally killed his parents when he was a child. After the two groups face off in a shootout that leaves many dead and the entire city of Redwood in smoke, Nat eventually succeeds, but there seem to be some loose ends.

In the final scene, Nat (who learns that Rufus is his long-lost brother before he kills him) rides with Mary. Their surviving associate, Coffey (Daniel Deadweiler), decides to follow Reeves to the sheriff’s office. When the four disappear on horseback, a figure appears in the distance behind them. Without showing the man’s face, the last frame approaches a hand wearing a bowler hat, Trudy’s characteristic hat. She seems to have survived her battle with Mary in Redwood (we didn’t actually see her die on screen anyway), and since most of her team was killed by Nat Love and others, she probably wants revenge. But the movie ends here.

Regina King (center) as Trudy and Zazi Beatz (center right) as Mary The harder they fall.


Although a continuation of The harder they fall not yet confirmed, Samuel adjusts the end well. Is there a chance we’ll see Nat and Mary run away from Trudy? Or maybe a spinoff that focuses on the prehistory and atrocities of Trudy? Nevertheless, Samuel already has plans to expand the story, even as a trilogy.

“I always imagined it The harder they fall as three parts, so to speak, background and sequel, “he said SlashFilm soon. “And I’ve always wanted to explain this story, but I’ll always go to the Old West.”

He also explained that the end was intentional, adding: “Without spoilers, The harder they fall the road always ended The harder they fall it’s over because I’m coming back, I’m coming back. Like those zombies that won’t fall [mimes gunshot noises] ‘bam, bam, bam.’ But they keep coming, “bam bam bam bam bam,” they keep coming. This is me with the Old West. ”

the harder they fall, Regina King as Smith works, the harder they fall cr David leenetflix © 2021

Can we see more of the Betrayal Works in a possible sequel to The harder they fall?


Netflix may already be set to continue THTF saga too. “Our standard was: When it is said and done, you will be excited to watch a movie of almost every character, to follow them in their own story – either a prequel, a sequel or at the same time,” Tendo Nagenda, vice president of original film streaming, said ABC News. “You like them enough to be forced to want to know more about them.”

King has not yet commented on the sequel, but she discussed how this project – especially its space in the Western genre – is new territory for her both as a spectator and as a performer. “It’s a space where I haven’t really had a chance to play as an actor,” she said Good morning America. She added: “As a member of the audience, this is a space that I can’t see so much – to be seen as black people, even though we are and have been part of Western culture, of this story.”

Even more reason to continue.

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