A lipstick trick Jo cup

Joanna Goddard

The other day, my friend Gemma she came to play with makeup. We were playing, but one thing he did changed everything …

He drew neutral skin of the lips Around the outer edge of my lips, then fill it up a bit. My lips looked up immediately much fuller. The difference was really noticeable, and it made me feel my whole face wrapped up. Then I slipped on my usual lipstick to get a pink color. Do it and do it!

How to do it? “Choose something that is lighter than lip color and lighter than natural lip color,” says Gemma. (Rimmel has one bunch of colors.) “Squeeze lightly around the lips. She looks chubby and pillowed. You get smooth, kissed lips. ”

Do you use lip cream? I had never done it before, but now I’m definitely working on it my daily routine. What other fun makeup moves have you been making lately?

PS The makeup I use every day, and The only beauty product that Caroline always ends up with.

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