A personal prototype of a flying vehicle can fly you with 160 MPH

Nothing makes you crave personal flying vehicles more than the traffic in New York – just imagine that you can get out of your car as soon as things start to get worse on the highway. Now, won’t that be a dream?

A team of researchers from Washington State University (WSU). works with ZEVA Aero, a Tacoma-based launch, and testing components to create an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), which takes us one step closer to making that dream a reality.

In fact, the ZEVA Aero has completed a functional prototype of an incredibly futuristic-looking eVTOL vehicle, with first responders and emergency services using it first.

The prototype is ready to take off

The prototype is capable of flying at 160 miles per hour (257 km / h) to 50 miles (80 km), and when it takes off, the unique vehicle hangs like a hanging helicopter and then tilts horizontally to fly more effective as an aircraft. This allows him to take advantage of the reduced resistance.

WSU researchers support modeling and testing of the aircraft’s propulsion system, as well as studying aerodynamic configurations to optimize traction and vehicle handling. This is especially important because the biggest challenge in building personal flying machines is generating enough thrust to get a person off the ground, but advances in engines, control systems and lighter materials are helping researchers catch up on the dream of personal flying vehicles.

So when will we be able to fly our personal electric vehicles? The answer is complex, as it will not be just one person flying, but many people whistling in the sky, but John Svensen, an associate professor at the School of Mechanical and Material Engineering who is on the team, hopes to see these vehicles happen “sooner or later”.

The prototype is the latest addition to the world of personal flying machines, which are preparing to take off in the long history of the aspiration of our species to rise into the sky. Many companies are working on such vehicles, and recently we even announced one person, DIY eVTOL with eight engines that can fly and land anywhere from Sweden-based Jetson Aero. It comes with a huge price tag of $ 92,000, but being a DIY really makes you think we’re fast approaching the future.

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