A Week Away star Bailey Madison loves skis as much as we do

One week away star Bailey Madison knows how to curate a cozy wardrobe.

Madison is a big fan of Kim Kardashian Skimmers and admits that she bought a whole set after her best friend convinced her.

“She was like, ‘You have to get it.’ You have to get it. Of course, I finally did it and it’s like a cloud. It’s so convenient, “she said.

Madison loves pieces that she can wear all the time, as one of her favorites Naked cashmere.

“If I could just live in it, I would do it,” she added.

She even owns a veil from Taylor Swift’s merch line folklore because he wanted to match the pop icon: “I wanted to lick with her. Who wouldn’t?”

We can’t argue with that.

Madison also began collecting purses that were accidentally designed by her friends. One of her latest acquisitions is eternal white Longchamp bag.

“I am now becoming [handbag] girl, because my friends, who are really talented, send me their songs and I like to celebrate them, ”she says.

Madison is ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in fall shoes. Its black Stuart Weizmann moccasins they have a special place in her heart – and a good story behind them.

Before her first trip to the UK, Madison felt she needed to bring a good pair of moccasins to bring with her, but forgot to break them before landing. ”Interrupted until about an hour later, blisters roamed all of London, “she says.

do not worry. They are now broken.

“There are no blisters, they feel great and they have rain stains on them. I love them, “she added.

Madison also likes to represent her home state of Florida. Most of Madison’s siblings went to the University of Florida, so when she noticed a T-shirt with the school logo on it in an unusual place, she couldn’t pass it up.

“I was in the UK again and my flight was slow, so I went for a walk and went to Urban Outfitters, and they had a Gators shirt there,” she said.

Madison has even more cozy – and collegial – items in her wardrobe.

See her entire wardrobe below!

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