BeMe Health closes $ 7 million round of funding to make mental health available to teens

BeMe Health, a U.S.-based mental health care startup, has raised $ 7 million seed financing to change how adolescents access mental health services and access them.

The round of funding involving the participation of Polaris Partners and Flare Capital Partners will allow BeMe Health to promote its operations to meet growing demand. The startup also announced that it has established partnerships with major commercial and Medicaid health providers to expand its reach.

Alexandra Cantley, partner at Polaris Partners; and Bill Geary, a partner and co-founder of Flare Capital, will serve on BeMe Health’s Board of Directors as a result of the shift. Nicki Tessler, PsyD, MBA, CEO and co-founder, mentioned the startup’s strategic partnerships:

“BeMe was born out of the principle that reinventing the way we provide support to adolescents’ mental health is the greatest opportunity to improve young people’s lives. to have the tools to convert.

BeMe Health is implementing a new approach mental health providing a modern experience specifically designed to care for children, providing tools and skills instead of traditional therapy. The startup is gathering the latest advances in AI and NLP to provide its users with automated but science-backed activities to receive the support they need at any given time. Mandeep Dhillon, chief technical and product manager, said about this approach:

“Today’s teenagers have grown up with mobile first, and that will be true for all generations to come after them; this means that they expect important and real content, experience and interactions – anytime, anywhere. We need to provide young people with the best resources to build support systems, networks, experiences and resources so that they can have a better life for themselves. BeMe is using the technologies it is developing to enable the well-being of teenagers. ”

BeMe Health has established a Teen Advisory Committee to provide insights that allow them to improve the platform, better engage with their user base and respond to their needs without telling them how to think and act.

Although adolescence is considered one of the most important stages of social and emotional development, additional mental health care has not been adapted. As a result, the American Academy of Pediatrics a national emergency After the situation in the COVID19 pandemic worsened. BeMe Health aims to change that reality by democratizing mental health care for teens so that they feel comfortable while caring for their mental health in an engaging and personalized way.

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