Bill Gates says a working group is needed for a global pandemic that costs billions

When Bill Gates has something to say, he’s usually there. Just look at his Ted Talk from 2015 where he warned us of the next pandemic. He was terribly right. And only in September 2021. Gates announced that we are not yet ready for the next pandemic at COVID-19 level.

So, if his predictions for 2015 are something that needs to come true, the global community probably needs to pay attention when Gates says that global efforts are needed to curb possible future pandemics.

Speaking in an interview for the policy exchange think tank with former UK health minister Jeremy Hunt, Gates said tens of billions of dollars in global efforts were needed to prepare the world for future pandemics.

The future of a pandemic task force

Projects aimed at improving vaccines, treatments and diagnostic tests are needed to stop any impending pandemic, said the founder of Microsoft. Gates acknowledged that vaccines have come a long way, but are still used mostly as a measure to minimize serious illness – they do not completely block transmission, reported The guardian.

In an interview, Gates said a working group on a pandemic at the World Health Organization (WHO) level would require “about a billion dollars a year” to fund research and development. This global working group could partially prepare the world for a future pandemic by launching what Gates calls “microbial games.” These practical “games” will see that countries react to hypothetical events that could lead to another outbreak.

One example of a “microbial game,” according to Gates, is for states to respond to a hypothetical bioterrorist who unleashes smallpox at 10 airports.

So, if we want to prevent a recurrence of such devastating global, economic, medical and emotional events as a pandemic, a major focus must be placed on the progress of vaccines and treatment.

Gates is ready to push his idea forward, such as National news reportedwho believes it will be welcomed with open arms by many governments around the world. “I think it will find fertile ground because, you know, we lost trillions of dollars and millions of lives. And citizens expect their governments not to let that happen again. “

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