Cole Sprous has just launched a photography website in support of the environment

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Cole Sprous is no stranger to photography. The actor has captured everyone from Kendall Jenner to Sophie Turner behind his lens; he is now launching a photography website to show his art to the world – while saving the world. Today, the actor announced that he will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from his press, A fallen tree, in support of two Canadian environmental groups: the Alliance for Endangered Ecosystems (EEA) and Foundation for nature-based solutions (NBSF), which both work to protect endangered ecosystems.

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A fallen tree

Cole Sprous

$ 100.00

Sprouse became popular at an early age, playing the cute twin Cody in the Disney Channel series The sweet life of Zack and Cody and most recently starred as Jughead on Riverdale. His new venture marks a big step for him as a climate advocate. “While it’s great to just see your own work in physical print, it’s even more satisfying for these prints to be a conduit for change in the global issues I feel strongly about,” Sprous told exclusively.

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Sprouse’s partnership with these environmental groups could not have come at a better time. Countries from around the world are currently gathering for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), which is being held in the United Kingdom until 12 November. The environment is also a great inspiration for Sprous in his work. “I have and will always draw my main inspiration from the landscape,” he added. “Whether it’s a calm, lonely desert or an impressive sharp mountain range, I felt it was time to try to help a global environment that has helped the many different photographic arenas I’ve worked on over the years.”

The photos posted on Sprouse’s website range from fashion photos to documentary-style photos, as well as vast natural landscapes. In his reportage photos, Sprous candidly captures poor communities, protests and uprisings. All the images offer a glimpse into the artist’s mind and show what he finds beautiful, noteworthy and the types of stories he wants to tell – this time the natural beauty of our Earth.

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