Facebook may pay $ 20 Million for ‘Meta’ name

Last week, Facebook announced a recap they would be there officially call themselves “Meta” from now on. However, keep in mind that this is for Facebook’s parent company, and will continue to mention Facebook social media and other products such as WhatsApp and Instagram that will now become branches of Meta.

That said, it looks like the name change to Meta could cost the company a nice penny. That’s why you look back in August, Zach Shutt file for “Meta” label for its PC startup company, which has already been selling products under the Meta PC brand back in November of 2020.

Facebook, on the other hand, filed for litigation on 28 October, but no certified file means there can be a legal value on the name. However, according to TMZ, Meta PC’s Schutt and cofounder Joe Darger have suggested they are willing to stand down if Mark Zuckerberg is willing to pay them $ 20 million for the name.

Facebook has yet to comment on the matter, so it’s unclear how it will proceed. So, we’ve seen different instances of these types of situations in the past, so whether it’s just $ 20 million that Facebook will give the fee for Meta PC to put down, or facing before the court remains to be seen.

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