Hackers use Twitch to clean up $ 10 million in stolen credit cards

One of Twitch’s features is donations, which allow viewers to donate money to their favorite stream to support them financially. However, it seems that this feature could be used by hackers to help them clear money from stolen credit cards.

According to reports ALONG ma Gamegar which found itself on the Turkish market, hackers used stolen credit cards to buy Bits. These Bits will be donated to Twitch streamers they have negotiated and traded. Once donations are received, hackers will withhold 20% of the donations and return 80% to the hackers at various banks, thus extorting money.

It is estimated that through this program, gamers have been able to clean up $ 9.8 million through 2,400 Turkish streamers in the last two years. This came after several Turkish streamers shared Discord messages on Twitter in which they revealed that fans reached out to them to try to identify themselves as a part of this trade.

Twitch also said it has since taken action against more than 150 partners for “damaging our financial instruments” and is also working with streamers that have reached out to them.

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