Hyperreal earns $ 7 million to develop hyperrealistic avatars for Metabertso

Hyperreal Digital, a New York-based media production startup, has raised $ 7 million seed financing to better express users in the metaverse.

With the participation of South Korean gaming giant Pearl Abyss, disruptive ZASH Global entertainment industry, David Levy, president of Genius Sports, Robert Wolf 32 CEO of Ventures and Ryan Schinman, founder of Mayflower Entertainment, will allow it. platform. Kyle Kyungyub Kim, Head of Investment at Pearl Abyss, said about the shift:

“Hyperreal has demonstrated industry-leading experience with its HyperModels, and we believe this strategic partnership will help our Metavers players provide a more immersive experience.”

Founded in 2019, Hyperreal has already suspended the entertainment industry for co-producing Paul McCartney and Beck’s “Find My Way” video. The startup also created a virtual avatar of Madison Beer virtual concert In the hands of Sony Music Entertainment and Verizon, they were headlines around the world. Remington Scott, CEO of Hyperreal and award-winning VFX director, said how finance will affect the startup’s expansion:

“We are pleased to have achieved strategic investments from industry leaders in key vertical markets, where we are seeing high demand from games, music, sports and the market,” said Remington Scott Hyperreal CEO and award-winning VFX director. “Our investors support the explosion of opportunities in space, and the funds will allow us to increase production worldwide.”

Virtual shows have gained popularity in recent years, with thousands of concerts canceled worldwide due to the COVID19 pandemic. This, combined with the rise of virtual artists / groups like Pentakill, KDA, Hatsune Miku, etc., will take advantage of Hyperreal’s technology in growing demand for high quality digital avatars. He wants to establish his startup as a major contributor to development metaverse, Which continues to attract the attention of tech giants like Nvidia and Meta.

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