November 2021. Fashion news, launches and collaboration


With the progress of autumn and winter, our wardrobes become more voluminous and, yes, more cozy. Fortunately, this month is full of fantastic fashion news, selected below for reading (and the pleasure of shopping). Keep scrolling for the hottest launches, launches and collaborations for this month.

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Wardrobe.NYC launches RELEASE 07 utility

Who: Wardrobe. New York

What: RELEASE 07 UTILITY collection

Where: Available online at

Why: Wardrobe.NYC founders Josh Guth and Christine Sentenera started their business in 2017 with the idea that a perfectly composed wardrobe actually exists. By blending the affinity of streetwear for hyped-up “drops” with an emphasis on fine sewing, which usually deviates from haute couture, Wardrobe.NYC has created its own niche in the market. Now the cult label debuts RELEASE 07 UTILITY, a seamless mini collection led by a raincoat and a parka. Made of water-repellent fabrics that offer breathability and mobility even in harsh climates, the two launch outerwear options are a key investment for the upcoming season. Tightening ties at the waist and a raised color palette of sea foam and black ensure that they go beyond the objects of ordinary utility, becoming an asset of the ensemble below. In the campaign, made by Jackie Nickerson and styled by Centenera herself, curved bodysuits, thin cotton poly-pencils and leggings with stirrups allow the volumetric proportions of the two jacket styles to take center stage. RELEASE 07 UTILITY is available in packs of four or eight parts to get rid of the morning routine, rain or shine.


Frame presents biodegradable denim

Who: Frame

What: (Bio) Degradable denim collection

Where: Available online at

Why: Denim may be the hallmark of America, but Frame spins it from all green materials. Taking the next step toward its sustainable production goals, the Los Angeles-based clothing brand is partnering with Candiani, a Milan-based denim maker, to innovate three biodegradable styles: Rigid 727, Comfort Stretch 785 and Super Stretch 778. The former is made of 100 percent biodegradable cotton, while the last two are made with ROICA V550 yarn, which takes less time to decompose than its conventional counterpart and does not leave behind the same harmful substances. In an attempt to reduce raw dyes and save water, each pair in the collection corresponds to the pillars of Frame for responsible washing. Jeans also use digital interface technology. Scannable QR codes provide customers with environmental impact reports, reducing Frame’s overall carbon footprint and emphasizing transparency. An advertising campaign, led by model Natasha Polly, will be held in parallel with unique store installations by the British creative studio Isabel + Helen. Although they are biodegradable, these jeans are so elegant that you will want to keep them for a long time.


Zara launches SRPLS collection in autumn 2021

Who: Zara

What: SRPLS Fall 2021 Collection

Where: Available online at

Why: Call all the soldiers of style: Zara has released the autumn part of its SRPLS collection for two years in 2021, just in time to help you navigate the puzzles of dressing in cold weather. Combining raw military influences with an urban style, SRPLS offers updated iterations of brackets in the wardrobe: from an officer’s coat with sharp shoulders to a trench coat with a satin effect, which performs a dual function as a dress. Although the range for this season is presented entirely in camouflage-inspired fluffy green and khaki shades, the striking proportions and playful mix of textures ensure that you will not blend. During the day, protect yourself from the cold of winter with patchwork leather pants and a pilot jacket made of artificial shiny hair. When dusk falls, you’ll want to dress in a silk parachute dress with a neckline and step around in slippery leather boots with chain accents. No matter which piece (s) you choose, Zara’s SRPLS stocks will undoubtedly help you conquer your day.

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