Pixel 6 Fingerprint Testing Tool Released

Fingerprinters have become an unprotected feature on phones these days, but despite their longevity and appearance, Google’s Pixel 6 smartphones have some issues with machine. Users have reported that not only is it slow, but there is also a concern that should the screen be replaced, the device will no longer work when the phone uses a display device.

However, it seems to be up the Google Pixel Update and Software Repair page, The company has provided a fingerprint scanner tool for the Pixel 6. Now, it should be noted that it is not a tool that is used regularly, but it should be used when the display of the telephone. replace, which will help the tool repair the machine.

This will make the repair process easier if you plan to take it to another third party repair shop or if you really plan to do the replacement yourself, you may be able to reuse it. the fingerprint scanner by means of calibration. tools.

In addition, as recommended by XDA, other bug fixes can be used when you start using regular ROMs or make other installation changes that may interfere with the device, hopefully this tool will help users to recover and reuse.

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