Researchers show how to make oil from thin air

Traditional cultural resources are a limited resource and eventually, we will not have them. This is why over the years, there has been an increase in research and development in an attempt to find other forms of energy, whether from wind, water, the sun, and so on.

Thanks now to the work of researchers from ETH Zurich, they have shown that oil can actually be made from thin air and sunlight. This is called solar oil, which traps air and removes carbon dioxide and water. It also uses a solar unit to convert carbon dioxide and water into a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, followed by another gas. i-water to be converted to liquid water or methanol.

According to researchers, “The stability and success of the outdoor operation of the entire system under direct sunlight confirms with certainty the mechanical capability of the heat transfer chain for the conversion of solar and ventilated air. drop oil. But bringing such solar fuels to market requires a lot of process intensive and refinement, and must be supported by policies that allow the market to enter commercially.

The story is that, while good, the oil produced in this way is more expensive compared to conventional methods, but we think with all the new technologies, that is the case until it can be increased and improved. more cheap.

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