TestFlight Launched Officially on Mac

Apple has allowed iOS app developers to create betas that users can participate in so they can test their apps with the public. This comes in the form of TestFlight. So it looks like Apple has decided that they will bring TestFlight on the Mac as well. That means Mac users will soon be able to participate in betas from developers for Mac apps.

Apple says, “You can now invite people to beta test your Mac software and provide important information before release. . Invite up to 10,000 external testers to use their email addresses or share a social network, create multiple internal test sections and seamlessly build opportunities for each of them, and more.

Prior to that, TestFlight beta 3.2 for macOS was only available on the Apple Developer’s website, but with the release of TestFlight 3.2.1 , one can install. However, keep in mind that if users want to participate in betas for the Mac, they need to have macOS Monterey installed on their computers.

This means that users with older Mac computers may not be eligible for the update, with the various issues surrounding macOS Monterey, we are sure that most users are also stopping the update until Apple fixes all the issues.

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