The 30 best plush coats we wear in 2021

It was a light 60 degrees on both sides, but in case there was any doubt, as soon as the slightest hint of coolness touched my skin, I put on a plush coat. Soft, cozy and literally the next best thing about wearing a blanket in a public place, there really is no obstacle to owning one. Less suffocating than a sharp wool coat and more polished than a voluminous fluff, this is a good middle position between the extremes of outerwear. Combined with jeans or custom-made pants, this is a typical winter look.

While the best of the band (also known as Max Mara’s favorite teddy bear icon) can definitely enter a waste of time, there are many quality options that won’t require a full rental check. Fortunately, I’ve found the best the internet has to offer – from coats under $ 100 to gorgeous luxury options, keep scrolling to see them all.

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