The inventor built a flying machine powered by 50 drones

But don’t use it to jump off a mountain.

Usually a powered paraglider gets its propulsion from a large single engine powered by a tank. However, in this video YouTuber and inventor Peter Sripol build a paramotor using a 50 drone engine if you can believe it.

While it may seem like just an interesting idea that looks incredibly cool, this design actually has several of its advantages. For example, during one of the flight tests, one of the BLDC engines (check at 3:30 for this sweet sound when starting ESC!) Loosens and almost falls. If the fiction had an engine, it would mean that it would lose control of the paraglider, causing a potentially catastrophic accident. Another thing is that the whole thing can be powered by batteries, and BLDC motors are known to be quite efficient. If you want to learn more and see the construction in action, don’t forget to watch the video above and enjoy the flight tests!

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