The world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port is now up for auction

The world’s first iPhone with a working USB-C port came to life last month. And now it’s up for auction. This is not an advertisement placed by Apple. In fact, Apple has nothing to do with the project, except that it created the original iPhone X without a USB-C port.

Robotics student in on The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Ken Pilonel is the initiator of this project. Pilonelle was sick and tired of running his thumbs waiting for Apple to create future iPhones with USB-C ports. So, as any good robotics student would do, he decided to revive such a creation.

After months of focus and hard work, Pillonel has successfully added an integrated USB-C port to the iPhone X, the full details of which it shared in a YouTube video (embedded below) as well as on GitHub. You can now create your own USB USB-C port. However, be careful, as this is not an easy feat.

Overall, the enhanced USB-C iPhone supports charging, data transfer and reversibility, and functions like a regular iPhone. Now this iPhone is ready to grab on eBay. At the time of writing, the highest bid is $ 51,300. There are seven days left to bid until the end of the auction on November 11. After just 127 bids over $ 50,000, it’s a huge amount – even for such an exclusive iPhone.

That said, it was the first of its kind.

Pillonel has set several conditions for its one-of-a-kind smartphone, reported Gizmodo. You cannot delete, restore, update, open or use your phone as a daily smartphone.

The decision to bid is up to you. Would you prefer to buy another type of smartphone (Motorola, Samsung, OnePlus, etc.) or wait and see if Apple will jump on the market, at least in the European Union? The EU is moving forward mandatory USB-C ports on all smartphones for some time. So if Apple wants to continue selling its iPhones in the region, it will either have to offer USB-C ports on its smartphones, or it will have to come up with an alternative charging method – maybe wireless charging?

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