There are no five new products in the pipeline

Back in 2020, OnePlus founder Carl Pei announced that he would leave the company and form a new company called Nothing. It’s the company’s first product it came in the form of a pair of real wireless seawalls, but what else does the company plan for the future?

In his speech to India Today Tech, Nothing India’s Vice President and General Manager Manu Sharma revealed that the company is working on five new products. Sharma did not say why, noting that at least one of those products will be launched before the end of 2021.

Sharma said, “For us to move forward, our mission is to build for the future. We are accelerating our pace in terms of building a pipeline of products, we already have five products in development. we are in a hurry to meet our mission of promoting specialty products and we are excited about that.

Sharma also spoke about the company’s partnership with Qualcomm, which many speculated. it can come in the form of a smartphone. “We recently announced our partnership with Qualcomm, which will strengthen a number of mobile devices in the coming year. This will be a very important partnership for Nothing.”

However, since Qualcomm also makes cassettes for wearable items, we may also be looking forward to smartwatches. Either way, it will be interesting to see what the company will do in the next two years.

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