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One of the advantages of being a welfare editor at Goop is that we have to try a lot of new products (from elegant kettlebells to saffron cans to well-designed vibrators) and notice among the best.

That turns out to be some really inspiring gifts. We’ve put together some of our latest wellness favorites that meet the criteria for filling socks: everything here is physically small, less than $ 100, and sure to please. Our advice? Take multiples.

Kiki Koroshetz --Director General of Welfare

Kiki Koroshetz

Director General of Welfare

  1. “Okay, this is my favorite palm-style vibrator. It’s very soft and the fold I’ve tried. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a vibrator that fits in your palm but you don’t like the feeling of a very intense vibration in your hand. And yet it’s strong enough “It has five different intensities and five different patterns. It’s waterproof and rechargeable. If I could fly on a sled and throw one in every friend’s sock, you know.”

  2. Dame Products Pom Vibrator goop, $ 95

    Dame Products
    Pom vibrator
    goop, $ 95


  1. “The only thing I’ve written about more than vibrators is my deep obsession with oral care and Cocofloss. I’ve been giving people cocofloss for the last few years. But now, an additional option for oral care enthusiasts: UMA makes some of the best beauty and wellness products, and this season we have an oil extraction treatment in store. Oil extraction is an Ayurvedic practice similar to using mouthwash, except of course better. After brushing your teeth, take a tablespoon of oil and apply it through your mouth while you wear it and take care of your skin. It’s a mint blend of sesame and coconut oil, plus neem, cloves and turmeric. ”

  2. Uma Pure Detox Oil Pulling Kit goop, $ 36

    Pure Detox oil pull kit
    goop, $ 36


Kelly Martin - Associate Editor

Kelly Martin

Associate Editor

  1. “There are too many people in my life who don’t know what ashwagandha is. And I’m thinking that FX’s Focus chocolates might be the right introduction. They are formulated with 300 milligrams of ashwagandha extract, which supports mental attention and the body’s response to stress. Everyone gets a box, but it makes me especially excited to give one to my roommate. I swallowed a whole kitchen shelf with all my herbs, teas and tinctures, and this is my (delicious) offering to take the same to the bowl. ”*

  2. FX Chocolate FX Focus goop, $ 40

    FX chocolate
    FX Focus
    goop, $ 40


  1. “I used to give candles to everyone around the holidays. But a couple of years ago, when everyone brought a candle after a white elephant, it was ridiculous, I said I had to confuse this. These days, I supply it with incense. It holds up to that warm and friendly factor that everyone loves, and it smells great, too. Depending on who I’m shopping for, I pair it with one nice incense holder or a tarot ”.

  2. Cinnamon Projects 4PM Incense goop, $ 30

    Cinnamon Projects
    Incense at 4 p.m.
    goop, $ 30


Gerda Endemann - Director General of Science and Research

Gerda Endemann

Director General, Science and Research

  1. “Nerd Alert is one of my favorite goop products. It fulfills a threefold function: my after-lunch support is to help me relax, enjoy the coffee au lait flavor and my gift. It is formulated with caffeine and L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea, and the combination is only caffeine. it’s better than that. ”*

  2. goop Wellness Nerd Alert goop, $ 30 30 / $ 55

    goop Welfare
    Nerd Alert
    goop, 30 $ 30/55 $ 60


  1. “Ear seeds blur the line between well-being and fashion, and they’re a lot of fun. These gold and pearl earrings are self-adhesive, which easily puts them in the ear acupressure points. The kit comes with a guide to ten common points of acupressure in traditional Chinese medicine so you can choose your adventure. And pearl seeds provide for some serious styles. Jackie Kennedy said it best: ‘Pearls are always right’ ”.

  2. WTHN Pearl Ear Seeds goop, $ 45

    Pearl ear seed kit
    goop, $ 45


Jessie Geoffray - Editor-in-Chief

Jessie Geoffray

Senior publisher

  1. “I talk as much about this vitamin D spray as I do about Kiki Cocofloss. It gives almost four times the daily value of vitamin D. It comes in an elegant bottle. It tastes good and has a weak citrus. And vitamin D promotes healthy immune function. , it helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus and helps keep bones and teeth healthy, what better gift than that? ”*

  2. New Co D Vitamin Spray Goop, $ 25

    The Nue Co.
    Vitamin D Spray
    goop, $ 25


  1. “I am a big supporter of these sleeping masks, which definitely earn their name. The true story: When our science and research teams were developing for the first time, I proposed to try half of one in the office. (Why? No idea.) An hour later I had to take a Lyft home because I was sleeping at my desk. They are so good. My only recipe for a good chewing experience is to take it before 10pm and not to mix it with alcohol. The last friend I gave me these chews called me a ‘warm hug’, and that’s all right. ”*

  2. goop Wellness Knock Me Out goop, 30 $ 30/55 $ 60

    goop Welfare
    Knock Me Out
    goop, $ 30 / $ 55 / $ 60


Denise John - Senior Science Editor

Denise John

Senior Science Editor

  1. “Rooibos chai is my favorite herbal tea. When I take the time to taste it, I wrap my hands around the cup, let the steam drift across my face and suck it while my tongue is hot. I really like to add oat milk with honey. Equitea’s Herbal Chai red rooibos , is a nice mix of cinnamon, cloves, pistachios, cardamom and nutmeg.

  2. Equitea Comfort Herbal Chai Blend goop, $ 14

    Convenience Herbal Chai Blend
    goop, $ 14


  1. “It’s been years since I’ve worked in a lab, but I’m still an experimenter at heart. I’ve been testing essential oils lately to see which ones I like the most. Fortunately, I don’t have to write a methodology for these experiments. Instead, I play with my energy to find out which ones are better. Daughter Alchemy’s Heart Salve has an amazing scent and comes in a nice bottle with a roll-on app. It’s convenient whenever I have to encourage self-pity, which is basically all the time. ”

  2. Daughter Alchemy Heart Salve goop, $ 98

    Alaba Alkimia
    Save the Heart
    goop, $ 98



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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