XY Finance removes GalaXY Kats NFT from what is gaining market attention

A new one NFT called drop GalaXY Kats it attracted the attention of crypto fans on November 4 before launching at 1:00 UTC. It is the parent project of XY Finance, an emerging De-Fi company with reputable investors in the crypto space. GalaXY Kats consists of a collection of 10,000 meerkat NFTs, and holders are given a card to enter the GalaXY Kats blockchain game. The download is happening on the Ethereum blockchain on November 4th.

The launch aspect that has received a lot of attention from the industry is the game under the blockchain that is linked to NFT. The game takes place in a futuristic world, set in 2140, where an infectious disease threatens to keep the earth alive. That’s where the story takes an interesting turn. Scientists looking for an alternate planet arrive in the sandy world called the “Sand”, believing that it is impossible for even human life, realizing that they do not have enough fuel to return to Earth. Instead, they decide to transfer their “consciousness” to a new form of life that can be safely lived in this new environment: meerkats.

Building a New Virtual Universe

The game GalaXY Kats takes place 500 years later, where the meerkats have gained intellectual dominance and domination over their planet, Sand, the man who dominated the earth in a tremendous way. The holders of GalaXY Kat NFT will become inhabitants of this new civilization and take part in a mission to recreate humanity that was once known.

The game has captured the imagination of gamers and blockchain fans and is backed by major investors including Mechanism Capital, Animoca Brands, Infinity Ventures Crypto and Block Capital. “The story of GalaXY Kats was inspired by the sophisticated DeFi (decentralized finance) and MetaVerse ecosystem,” says Wilson Huang, founder of XY Finance. “In the GalaXY Universe, each character represents a specific role in XY Finance, such as developer, validator, ambassador, DAO member, and so on.”

NFT games are on fire

As NFT values ​​rose into the stratosphere in 2021, the final phase that emerged in the boom was the emergence of NFTs associated with virtual games. This brings a whole new dimension of usability and long-term viability to NFT projects, as collectors remain active on the project’s ongoing roadmap. NFT is ready to disrupt the small industry, as well as to have wide-ranging implications in the gaming industry. “We think the GameFi buzz is going to last a while, and that’s why we decided to release our game.” says Huan.

As space continues to evolve, many VCs are seeing NFT and crypto gaming applications as one of the hottest sectors by 2022.

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