14 best winter dresses for women 2021

Halloween has come and gone, and Thanksgiving is on the horizon. In the wardrobe, this means that winter is not just coming, it is almost here. Temperatures drop quickly, and we layer even faster, starting with the winter dress.

The winter dress is not so different from autumn dress, just add a little extra weight and / or fabric to withstand the test of snow, sleet, or anything else the season brings you. Think of materials resembling a Christmas sweater and prints, long sleeves and a high neckline. But how do you know which dress is right for you as you enter the coldest time of the year to cover you for office attire, holiday parties and everything in between? To answer this question, we turned to the buyers themselves for their stellar ratings and reviews for dresses from all of our trusted retail favorites, including Maduel,, Everlane,, Free people, and more. Scroll forward to see which dresses are gaining customer approval this winter as you move on to your own ideal winter choice.

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