22 best men’s fleece jackets in 2021: Patagonia, Uniqlo, The North Face and more

There used to be only three kinds of people who would ever be caught dead in males polar jacket: crunchy climbers with a dozen REI stickers affixed to their Nalgenes; Bay Area launchers that love the feel of their Allbird against the pedals of their Teslas; and financial brethren whose personal style never outgrew their days of fraternity. That all changed a few years ago, when quickly and suddenly – perhaps driven by an inherent fear that the world was ending – the whole fashion world began to dress like in the middle of a week-long canoe trip to Maine. The hiking boots went their way red carpets, published technical issues first row of Paris Fashion Week, and best of all, the cozy polar zippers have become an acceptable outfit that is not a dad.

This is great news for you, because tying in a fluffy fleece fleece is one of the best things you can do for yourself in the depths of a long winter. They are impenetrably warm, incredibly comfortable and give more texture to one fit all cables in your wardrobe combined. And as seemingly every tour guide, designer label and underground streetwear brand on the planet gets involved in the game with men’s fleece jackets, you have more shaggy options at your fingertips than ever. Here are 22 of the runes that matter most.

The best polar jacket, period

Patagonia classic Retro-X polar jacket

Patagonia invented the fleece as we know it. The OG climbers were the first to introduce a synthetic pile into outdoor clothing in the 1970s, the first to fix their problematic peeling by developing their distinctive Synchilla fabric in the 1980s, and the first polar jacket to ever reach iconic status. a decade later. Retro-X is an Air Jordan 3 of fluffy zippers: instantly recognizable, always in style, still snoring in terms of performance decades after its release. The outer part of the shaggy sherpa is water-repellent and quick-drying, the mesh lining is wind-resistant and controls odors, both of which are made of 50% recycled materials. It has the necessary hand pockets with zipper and chest pocket for your earphones and granola. If you are a flyer for the first time, this is the only place to start.

The best polar jacket for layering

Comp. which Veilance “Dinitz”.

One thing that fleece isn’t always great for? Layering under everything else, but not the most spacious of the technical shells. However, this collarless Veilance joint will glide straight into any kind of versatile cuts, thanks to the thinner layer of fleece, which will still gather in the heat with the best of them.

The modern classic fleece jacket

Sandy Liang goose fleece

Rising designer in New York Sandy Liang is a big reason to even talk about fleece in a fashion context. As early as 2018, she company fluffy jackets– supposedly made for women – has become a crossover hit among men’s clothing fans thanks to its huge cut, non-standard details such as neon lining and leopard prints and, as one GQ editor said, the “extremely nice” exterior. Since then, Liang’s has released a handful of delicious new fleece silhouettes, including this incredibly beautiful baby blue performance.

Polar jacket Bang-For-Your-Buck

Windproof polar jacket Uniqlo

Can’t afford the Patagonia above? Head for Uniqlo. This, let’s say, respect for the Retro-X is almost as good as the real one, but costs a quarter of the price. Polyester fleece is gorgeous, fluffy and completely windproof. It is spacious enough to fit on your favorite hood and comes in four muted colors that will go well with almost everything else in your wardrobe. At this price you can definitely afford to collect them all.

The best polar jacket for the dead of winter

What a North Face Sherpa Nuptse

The North Face Nuptse jacket ranks among the most beautiful, the most iconic down jackets on the market. Now they went and made the classic of all time even Betterby wrapping the whole thing in fluffy fleece. Inflate and fluffy? It does not become more cozy. If you are looking for a large, bold fleece jacket that can withstand the bone-chilling days of winter, this is the right one. Pair it with some baggy cords and healthy winter boots, and you will stay toasted and stylish, despite the cool wind.

The real blue Grail fleece jacket

Sweater Kapital multi cow-marquetry

Almost everything Capital brands is rare and alluring, but in recent years the brand’s exquisite polar jackets are probably the rarest and most alluring offerings of all. Each season, Japanese denim masters present them in a set of artful prints, such as traditional damask and sashiko models. But for our money, the boldest and most desired version is this huge cow print that will bring a welcome and whimsical energy to your weekend wardrobe.

Polar jacket of class Heirloom

Polar jacket Manastash Mountain Gorilla

If you are looking for a polar jacket to pass on to your children, this vintage Manastash-inspired vintage joint from Japanese outdoor experts is the right way. The high-quality fleece is deep and dense and is loaded with abrasion-resistant ripstop panels for extra durability. Try it with some faded jeans and birkenstock, chinos and shiny boots or even over a tracksuit and shiny shoes for a little mood in the cabin.

Another 15 men’s fleece jackets that we love

Jacket with print on Columbia Steens Mountain

This will look killer over a pair of sweat and a little toasted Ugg boots.

Patagonia light fleece sweater Synchilla Snap-T

In the canon, the Patagonia Fleece Snap-T is just as – if not more – iconic than the above Retro-X.

UO sherpa jacket with zipper

A jacket that says, “Check yourself before you break.”

Columbia Rugged Ridge Sherpa Jacket

Try this medium weight shirt with a turtleneck, an alpaca hat, and some juicy ropes.

Sherpa fleece jacket

Some polar jackets really scream. This is more of a whisper.

Todd Snyder x LL Bean sherpa jacket with front fastening

With a thermal base layer and jeans made of raw denim, you will be ready to cut some wood in style.

Carhartt WIP “Prentis” substrate.

Disgusting snowman, but made him fashionable.

J.Crew Northern sherpa fleece jacket with full zipper

The wild tartan jacket is the perfect way to prepare your winter suits.

NN07 Morten fleece jacket

Lightweight jeans for washing + good boots + this jacket = unmistakable winter look.

Arc’teryx Covert vest

A thinner, lighter fleece that accumulates in heat without volume. Ideal for a trail and great as a middle layer under healthier jackets.

Which is JieDa Boa Monk

Polar jacket of your choice for every Bond villain.

Universal Works fleece fleece jacket with zipper

The great jacket with lining is the perfect combination for you the most cozy hood.

Alex Mill brushed the cassette wool over

A real woolen fleece in saturated olive, which will look like an ace with a flannel shirt peeking out from underneath.

Fleece jacket with high bucket Stan Ray

Vibrant and delicious as roasted purple yams.

Double sherpa fleece coat

Winter blues is not so bad.

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