25 beauty gifts to buy from Amazon for each person on your list

Holidays: The time of year when we drink apple cider, we calm down in the best of winter and stress about all the gifts we need to buy. Even in the best of times, I’m obsessively late in buying gifts for those closest to me and my loved ones (To my two friends whose birthday gifts have been “lost in the mail” for three months: I’m sorry!).

The holidays lift things up and it seems that there are always new people who are somehow expected to buy gifts for now. Am I buying a gift for my mother? To him. Buying a gift for my friend’s mother’s daughter-in-law? What nonsense.

The good news is that most sensible people enjoy gifts in the form of lipstick or beauty kits, and Amazon stocks up on some of the best. Here you will find 25 of the best beauty gifts you can get overnight for each type of people you need to buy on your list. Does your B-list friend like to stay up late with a glass of red wine? Get masks under her eyes to keep this Cabernet company. Your father’s best friend’s wife always complains about how moisture affects her hair? Get a moisturizing hair kit to keep them from taking off. For every personality, budget and interest, Amazon has a beauty gift that will do it on time.


One-step hair dryer and hot air volume brush

There is a reason for this hair dryer brush is one of the most reviewed and sought after on the Internet: It works, is fast and does not break the bank.


Hair restoration system

If you were something like me, you would sob into the hands of anyone who has been kind enough to provide you with the full range of Olaplex. For each of my friends who read: This is a hint!


24K gold eye mask

Nothing says “The holidays are running out and I can’t handle it anymore” like gold masks under the eyes. They deaerate, hydrate again and will make you feel human again.


Better Than Sex Mascara

Your grandmother will say she doesn’t like the name of this mascara, but after she wears it, I bet she’ll agree with Too Faced’s marketing team.


The initial ritual set

Megan Markle loves Tatcha, which means that every member of your family who loves the royal family will be thrilled to receive this gift. It has all the best-selling products in the line at an incredible bargain price.


Combined package of coconut and hibiscus

Call all curly girls (and friends of curly girls): You definitely need these SheaMoisture products and the fact that they come as a kit should be taken as a sign.


Superfood Duo Mini Clean skin care kit

For lovers of pure beauty, it’s time to get acquainted with Youth to the People. It’s like a green smoothie in the form of skin care.


Facial cleansing brush

It’s time to leave the pores in the pores and invest in a instead cleaning brush. All this dirt in your pores must be expertly excavated so that we can have 2022 without blackheads.



Lady Gaga may be all about Gucci these days, but we are still obsessed with her cheap makeup line. This is a great starter kit for the little monster in your life who is dying to try their products.


Combined package of face mask

Leaf masks are great, but it’s hard to buy for yourself. That’s why you need to be a good friend and get your friends a huge set of them for under $ 12.


Super shiny lipstick gift set

Wearing bold lipstick is always in season, but even more so during the holidays. Nothing says “Meet under the Mistletoe” like a powerful red.


Basics On The Go Collection makeup set

Everyone is interested in glitter for the colder months, but personally I think there is something chic in the minimal, classic makeup. This set from Urban Decay has everything you need: eye primer, eyeliner, mascara and a neutral eye shadow palette.


Original foot peeling

We may not be able to completely exfoliate the trauma of the last two years, but we can do our best with this best-selling foot scrub. Is there anything more satisfying than watching you shed like a snake? I do not think.


Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

All beauty lovers know the struggle: We always want more eye shadow, but we never want to spend the money ourselves. That’s why you need to be a good friend and buy this palette of neutrals for someone you love.


Gift set

Can’t decide if you want skin care or makeup this holiday season? You no longer have to choose with this Clinique kit.


Triple set of Brazilian oil

For your friend who is currently suffering from a chronic thirst for wandering, give them an artificial trip to Brazil with this hair restoration kit. Nothing says “The Cure for FOMO” like a trio of hair masks, shampoo and conditioner.


Ombre eyebrow set

Say it with me: It’s time to invest in your eyebrows. No one is as brave as Anastasia Beverly Hills, which is why this set is a must.


Interchangeable styling iron set Mixologist

For a head full of beach waves, this curling iron kit is a must purchase. It has three different heads to create a completely unique look that is always chic.


Winter Wonderglam Mini Eye Kit

Wave these lashes just in time for the cuff season. This Maybelline set has two mascaras and an eyeliner that makes the wink sweet again instead of fragile.


Obsessed set

“Obsessed” is right. If you want the best hair, you need to invest in quality products. Oribe is the master of quality, which means that this kit can simply be your missing ingredient.


Spritz Mist and Glow Trio face spray collection

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting at your desk after a grueling Zoom call, which could be an email, and blurring out as if you’ve just run a marathon.


Gift set trio for hair hydration

If you took any paint for a box (or bleach, God forbid) during quarantine, it’s time to clean up your own mess. Damaged hair needs hydration, which is why we are all obsessed with this moisture-saturated kit.


Vitamin To-Glow Pack

Cool wind heaters and blasting mean dull, dry skin, and it’s just not a way to live. This set has everything you need to do a little at home for the face, so you can enter the New Year with the skin you deserve.


Facial toning device

If every beauty editor in the world loves a face device, maybe it’s time to try it for yourself. Coming out of me, a skeptic of the device, let me just tell you: Before I used this, I didn’t have cheekbones. Then I did it.


Skin care oil

Whether you want to fade scars, stretch marks or just want a little hydration in your routine, Bio-Oil is always a classic. I personally like to add a little to my moisturizer or body lotion for a little upgrade. And if you know someone who is expecting, this is a favorite belly oil for pregnancy.

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