Alexa is now able to transfer music from one device to another

We think some of you may have several smart speakers set up in your home. There can be someone in the living room to control the living room lighting and music, another in your kitchen, and another in your bedroom, for example.

Now according to Amazon’s latest update to its Alexa digital support, one of the new features they’ve introduced is that users can stream music from one Alexa capable speaker to another. This means that if you are playing music in your living room, you can still stop the game and resume it on another device, such as the bedroom.

According to Amazon, “Since the beginning of this year, consumers have been using Alexa-enabled devices to listen to billions of hours of music, radio and podcasts. Now it’s even easier to take your music, podcasts, or radio with you wherever you go – just asking Alexa to put your stuff on your Echo device is needed to keep you listening to where you put it.

All Alexa users need to do is say “Alexa, stop” to the device that is playing music, and when they are close to the other device, they should say, “Alexa, restart music “. A good level of life enhancement will help to switch back and forth between multiple unused devices, so if you have a lot of Alexa -powered speakers, it might be worth checking out.

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