Apple’s next iPad Mini can play 120Hz Display Mode

Apple has slowly updated its devices with 120Hz updated displays. It started with the iPad Pro from a few years ago, before coming up with the iPhone 13 this year, as well as the company’s new MacBook Pros. So it looks like the next device to get the upgrade could be the iPad mini.

According to a post above of the South Korean councils shared by @FronTron on Twitter, they claim that Apple is testing an 8.3-inch Samsung display that features a 120Hz refresh rate. The company redesigned the table earlier this year with a new design but it remained the same LCD as before.

This means that Apple could very well upgrade the iPad minis in the future with a 120Hz display because it becomes a standard on its product line. The report goes on to say that Apple could name this iPad mini 6 Pro and that it will be more expensive than the current model, but there is no ban.

Obviously we have to take with a good heap of salt for now since we can’t confirm these details, but we can expect them to be true. We’ve long felt that the iPad mini is a great size for a table and to have it look like a 120Hz mini LED display is begging on the cake.

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