Craig Federighi beats up Sideloading, Called ‘Crime’s Best Friend’

One of the features of Android is the ability to install users. This means that users can choose to download programs from outside the Game Store and install them on their phones. This is not available on iOS devices, at least not officially.

Apple has long acknowledged the safety of its products and during the Web Summit 2021 event, Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi criticized the sideloading in which he said, “Sideloading is a criminal’s best friend on the internet.” This statement was made in response to a European law requiring companies to allow loading on their devices.

The reviewer compared an iPhone to buying a “big house with a big upgrade system”, and by allowing it to load, you “weaken” the security of the device. your “home”. Federirghi said, “The safe house you chose now has a serious flaw in its security, and thieves are very good at using it.

He also went on to say that he understands the debate about giving users the option to choose whether they want to sideload, but noted that this rarely works in the way people expect .

“Obviously, I don’t like loading it up, but I want to address an argument I hear often: ‘Let people decide whether it’s right or not. Let them judge situations. risk, and they can choose for themselves. ‘ And it’s easy to see the appeal of this argument, but history shows us it’s not what we expect because even if you don’t have any hope of putting it up, they are often coerced or tricked into doing so. “

This means it’s not a law that forces Apple to allow delivery, because you can expect the company to release it soon.

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