Don’t expect a new PS5 or Ebike to arrive around the holiday season

How is that Holiday shopping is coming? It’s still a little early to start panicking in earnest, but now is the best time to start buying things if you want to arrive in time for the holidays. You may have noticed how you would go to order something online, but it’s either completely out of stock or it won’t ship for weeks or months. That’s because the global supply chain has been a bit nervous lately, taking off due to a combination of logistical problems, resource shortages, and manufacturing problems. It’s a weird time to buy things, and it’s an even weirder time to ship them.

This week at Gadget Lab, WIRED Reviews Editor, Adrienne So, joined us to talk about supply chain issues and why it’s time to start your holiday shopping.

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Read Adreinne’s story about The timing of your holiday shopping correctly.


Adrienne recommends books in the Wheel of Time series, which come to Amazon Prime Video as a TV broadcast program later this month. Lauren recommends a six-part documentary on CNN, Lincoln: Divided We Stand. Mike recommends watching Re: wired, the annual Big Ideas Conference, which is streamed for free on November 9 and 10.

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